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The Super 16 is our principle guidelines for conduct.

By following the Super 16, students will be able to excel and become their best self!

Super 16

 1. Life is not fair. Accept and Excel.

 2. Present Yourself Professionally; Take Care of your Body.

 3. Use Yes Mam, No Sir, Please, and Thank you; Refrain from backtalk.

 4. Respect Each Other; Respect Yourself. 

 5. Believe (in yourself).

 6. No Excuses; Accept Responsibility.

 7. Be Positive; Show Excitement for Others.

 8. Mind Your Own Business; Keep Your Business to Yourself. 

  9. Always Be Your Best; Sprint Through the Finish Line.

10. Be a Problem Solver; Don't Give Up.

11.Introduce yourself.  Make Eye Contact; Track the Speaker;

Stand Straight

12. Be Organized; Be Prepared; Be Confident. Be on time; Be present. 

13. Pick Up After Yourself and Others.

14. Show Patience for All; Be Flexible and Go With the Flow.

15. Advocate for Yourself.

16. Do for the Right Reason, not the Right Reward.



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