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Our Houses

House of Bravery and Leadership
Language: Japanese
Mascot: White Tiger
Color: Green
Value: Responsibility

Reminders of:
Trustworthiness, Honesty, Organization, No Excuses

House of Dreams and Aspirations

Language: Swahili

Animal: Dolphin

Color: Purple

Value: Achievement

Reminders of:

Knowledge, Hard work, Confidence, Persistence

House of Selflessness

and Doing for Others

Language: Native American (Paiute)

Mascot: Buffalo

Color: Blue

Value: Service

Reminders of:

Kindness, Care, Love, Helpfulness

House of Friendship and Encouragement

Language: Spanish

Mascot: Horse

Color: Red

Value: Respect


Reminders of:

Fair Play, Friendliness, Cleanliness,

The Golden Rule

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