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Fast Facts

 30 students - grades K - 10

 Fun Fact: 28% of our students are   legacy kids meaning that they are
the children or family members
of our former students!

Students thrive in our multi-age       
environment receiving individualized
instruction and attention. Ability,

 readiness, and maturity are the
 determining factors of placement
 rather than just age. We have all types 
 of students including gifted and 
 profoundly gifted. We have high     school  for students who have attended
our school previously.

Average Student - Staff Ratio

We are here for those who desire something more than what can be learned in a classroom with one teacher  and over 20 students!

School Capacity
 30 students 

School Hours/Calendar
 8:30 a.m.- 3:30p.m.

Child Care
Before and/or after for an additional fee
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Parent Teacher Organization
 L.V.E.A. has an active PTO that supports  the activities and growth of our school  program.  

 $8,000 - $9,150 a year -
 with flexible payment plans and
discounts, but there is an additional
registration fee


We accept the Opportunity Scholarship. There may also be other scholarships available.


 Not provided, but ask about car pools.

Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Girl Scouts

  • Homework Room 

Character Building Focus

Teaching students that they are loved and have

a purpose so they can find their path in life.



Students wear uniforms with the option of an owl

spirit shirt on Friday.



Snacks and lunches are brought from home.

Microwaves are available for heating.


Testing at our school is minimal. Students take a              short placement exam prior to their start so curriculum can be  planned  for them. Brief standardized reading and math tests may be done occasionally to  monitor academic progress.    

For our last overall standardized testing, all of our              students tested showed an increase in grade level            equivalence with an average increase of 1.67 grades.

27% tested 2.2  to 3.9 grade levels above.


"If your children are struggling in overcrowded classrooms at CCSD schools, or if you just want an awesome school for your kids, this is your best option."
                   Ken S., Parent

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