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The Staff

The educators and staff at LVEA are committed to providing the best educational environment possible for our students. 



Carolyn Wassell, Principal and Lead Teacher

Ms. Wassell is the principal and administrator/liaison of LVEA Academy. She has over thirty years teaching experience and over fifteen years in administration of the Wassell Academy and of LVEA. Born and raised in Las Vegas, she knows first hand the quality and policies of our local schools. She is here because of her desire for something more than the usual educational system for our children. She uses her B.A. in psychology and Masters degree in Education to facilitate the educational program and atmosphere of our school.



Debbie Kelly, Teacher

Miss Debbie has over thirty years experience working with children of all ages having concentrated, however, on early childhood earning her CDA. She currently works in the classroom with the younger students. She serves as our ex-offcio nurse and custodian as well. Miss Debbie is also the resident expert at pulling loose teeth – only upon request! Her diverse love of all things Aces, UNLV, and Steelers (not to mention the Dodgers and Suns) flows into her love of teaching helping to ensure a unique and quality delivery of our program.




Delane Elliot, Music

Mrs. Elliott has over 30 years music teaching experience.  She grew up in a musical family and started playing the violin at a very young age. In high school she played the clarinet and then went on to major in vocal music at Adams State University. Once she married she opened a music studio for pre-school aged children. Her family then relocated to Las Vegas, and she took a sabbatical from teaching to raise her children. She now has three adult children that live in Las Vegas. In the past ten years she added piano lessons to her private studio as well.  She loves the students at LVEA! You can expect your child to have a well-rounded, musical education at LVEA. If your child chooses to play an instrument, sing, or just enjoy listening to all genres of music, this program is suited for them. 

Sensei Josh Johnston, Karate

Sensei Josh has been training in Kempo Karate for over ten years and has been teaching for eight years. He served as an infantryman in the Army for nine years and medically retired in 2007. Josh is married and has three children who are also black belts in Kempo Karate. He is teaching our kids how to protect themselves and to stay out of bad situations. He does not teach how to fight, but how to get away from a fight. However, if the situation occurs,  our kids will know how to protect themselves!

Kenna Matheisen, Enrichment and Substitute Teacher 

For over seven years, Ms. Kenna has been an integral part of LVEA with both her children proudly enrolled in the school. She generously gives her time, and she has assumed a proactive role in our Enrichment program readily stepping in wherever needed. Ms. Kenna's passion for history and the arts, coupled with her familiarity with the school, adds a variety of valuable assets to our program.

Mrs. Latasha Walker, Mindfulness and Yoga

Mrs. Walker is our mindfulness teacher and has over 10 years’ experience working with children in the field of mental health. As a counselor, she understands the relationship between mental health and access to tools that support wellness. Mrs. Walker is dedicated to teaching children and teens healthy coping skills that can last a lifetime. Her passion to share the transformative power of yoga and mindfulness is evident in every class! She has made it her mission to support youth and her community with gaining a holistic approach to their overall health.


Amanda Windham, Lunch Lady, Substitute and Parent Coordinator

Miss Amanda has been with LVEA as a parent and volunteer for over seven years. Four of her children attend or have attended our school. She currently serves on our PTO board. Miss Amanda assists in the classrooms and lunch room daily. She is very familiar with our day to day operations which enables her to fill in seamlessly when she is needed. She will also be coordinating drivers for any field trips we may take.

Senorita Nela (GeGe), Spanish Teacher

Senorita Nela is our Spanish teacher. She is a native Spanish and Korean speaker and has been speaking English since she was in third grade. She has lived in our valley on and off for the past twelve years. Senorita Nela is excited to be teaching our owls Spanish. Each student will have a minimum of nine weeks of Spanish as part of their enrichment experience. She will be working on words, phrases, and an introduction to the cultures of Spanish speaking countries. Senorita Nela wishes to prepare students to be able to interact with people from diverse cultures especially those in our area.

Ms. Allie, Spanish Teacher

Ms. Allie is our newest faculty member and is also a Spanish instructor. Hailing from a background of Salvadorian and Dominican descent, she grew up immersed in the Spanish language within her family. After numerous relocations, she found her home in Las Vegas in 2006. Ms. Allie holds a degree in Public Health from UNR. Teaching Spanish to our students brings her immense joy and fulfillment; she is excited about the contributions she can make to WCEA.



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President, Carolyn Wassell

Vice-President, Debbie Kelly

Secretary, Kenna Matheisen

The Board is always looking for like-minded individuals to join our team. Board members are passionate about the school and have a vested interest in the operation and continuation of its work and programs. We meet quarterly in the evenings. We need community people who have some experience with finance, fundraising, commercial realty, non-profit leadership, education, and autism to name a few areas.


If this appeals to you, please contact Carolyn Wassell at 702-236-8818 to discuss a board position.

"Leadership is the capacity to transform vision into reality."

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